So what’s so good about organic lawn and soil feeds anyway?

For decades turf maintenance companies have relied upon an ever expanding cocktail of chemicals in a bid achieve the perfect lawn and while chemically treated lawns may initially look good the truth is that constant chemical usage will, over time, dramatically damage the health of your soil, plants and turf. Crucially chemical fertilisers contain only three machine manufactured elements, they do not include any of the vital micro nutrients that soil life depends on; in short they are nothing more than a steroid for grass.

High levels of inorganic nitrogen and high levels of manufactured salt will severely disrupt the soils natural eco system, killing off the zillions of living organisms that are present. Force feeding turf large amounts of chemical nitrogen just to make your grass look green is the number one cause of stress for a lawn. This artificial force feeding of just three elements throws the balance of other minerals and nutrients completely off within the plant. This stresses the turf plant, making it deficient in nutrients. Stressed grass attracts diseases and pests. Chemical fertilizers also destroy the friability of soil and include sulphuric and hydrochloric acids. These acids dissolve “soil crumbs”, the material that holds rock particles together. When these cementing materials are destroyed, the result is a compacted surface that prevents rain water from entering the soil

What’s worse is the chemical compounds found in synthetic fertilisers ultimately make their way to lakes, streams, ponds and bays where they produce an overabundance of algae and plankton. This creates an imbalance that depletes precious oxygen that wildlife needs to survive creating dead zones something that is happening on a large scale in North America and the Gulf of Mexico right now causing some states to begin passing strict cosmetic fertilizer regulations.

An incredible interaction and activity exists with plants, microbes and other organisms in the soil. The processing of organic matter, nutrients and minerals is immensely complex and delicate. There are about fifty billion microbes in a tablespoon of healthy soil, many more near the roots of plants. Their primary job is to breakdown organic matter and to also feed plants. In healthy soil there are herds of microbes near the roots of plants which out-compete pathogenic species and form a protective layer on the surface of living plant roots. Microbes are essential in making minerals available to plants and they also retain large quantities of nutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, etc.) in their bodies which help to prevent these nutrients from being leached or washed away. Earthworms also play a vital role in healthy soil, however fill your soil with chemicals and the soils worm population will be greatly degraded. Earthworms are also extremely important to a healthy soil. They are constantly boring throughout the soil, aerating it and depositing rich castings as they consume organic matter. As an earthworm feeds, organic matter passes through its body and is excreted as granular dark castings. You may see these small casting piles in your garden. An earthworm produces its weight in castings daily. Worm castings are a wonderful fertilizer, rich in nutrients otherwise previously unavailable to plants.

So it is almost laughable to think that one can throw just three inorganic elements in the form of synthetic chemicals onto the lawn and say: Now I have the perfect lawn, with balanced minerals and microbes in the soil. The exact opposite occurs. Microbes are instead destroyed or inhibited when synthetics arrive.

Our organic fertilizers and advanced biostimulants are a completely different proposition, as with each application they build, promote and increase soil life.

We are the first lawn care company in the UK to blend advanced bio-stimulant nutrients and high quality organic turf and soil feeds to provide a thoroughly modern and eco friendly approach to lawn care.

The inherent beauty of what we do is that our products are actually soil food which nourishes the organisms in the soil; our feeds make lawns more drought-tolerant, disease-resistant and maintenance free. Good soil functions like an immune system; as long as beneficial organisms receive a high-quality diet they keep bad organisms in check.

It’s also important to know that the clay soils on the east coast of the UK possess an electrical charge which binds the soils nutrients and minerals into a form that the turf struggles to absorb. Our organic feeds help to release and change these binding charges and quickly make these minerals and nutrients “bio available”. Organic feed possess naturally occurring isotopes that forces water molecules to bind with the soil particles. As the particles absorb water they expand and when the water evaporates they contract. This expansion and contraction allows air channels to form, allowing water to penetrate deep into the soil. As these particles absorb fresh water, they release oxygen and hydrogen simultaneously, thus allowing your soil to neutralize the pH.

So there you have it, at Green Planet Lawn Care we aim to provide your lawn with a long term solution to a long term need, in short we’re what natures been waiting for.