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Are you longing for a lawn like this but are worried about chemicals?

At Green Planet Lawn Care we stay clear of chemicals and create immaculate looking lawns with the best of what nature has to offer. Our completely organic Nano based micro nutrient turf technology is a revolution in modern lawn care service.

Our products will transform your lawn replacing your tired looking weed infested turf with healthy vibrant looking grass. In addition to the visual improvement our feeds: Improve soil vitality, create longer and denser grass roots which reach further into the water table helping to avoid that brown looking lawn in the summer, have zero negative impact on the environment, are safe for children and pets and wildlife. Our yearly lawn care programme is broken up into 4 pay as you go visits all of which include total weed removal as well as on going PH soil monitoring, We also scarify and aerate lawns

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Treatment one

The spring treatment is an all important pre summer weed kill and turf fertilisation application that commences in March. The first visit is two fold: Our high quality selective weedkiller is designed to vigorously attack that early weed growth. At the same time our 100% organic fertilisers, delivered both in granular and liquid form, reintroduce vital nutrients back in to your lawn after the cold winter months.

Treatment Two

The early summer treatment is a continuation of the spring visit, similar in scope encouraging your lawn to increase the density of the turf helping to prevent weed seeds from emerging therefore spoiling the lawn when its most in use.

Treatment three

The late summer treatment is the final feed of the year which continues to replace lost nutrients which have occurred during the growing season. In addition a water conserver has also been introduced to provide your lawn with moisture should we experience a prolonged hot summer.

Treatment four

With the growing season at an end we apply what is probably the most important application of the year. Our autumn visit is a high density bio stimulant feed that is designed to stop moss in it tracks and feed the soil with a raft of organic bio stimulant feeds that together will keep your lawn green and healthy over the cold winter months.

After the treatment plan (please click on the photos to enhance their size)

Other Lawn Treatment Services


The benefits of aeration are:

  • Relieves surface compaction
  • Encourages new root growth Increases rooting depth
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Reduces the build up of thatch below the surface Improves the infiltration rate of water into the soil Improves drainage
  • Improves gaseous exchange between the soil and atmosphere
  • Stimulates the soil bourne microbes and their activity which are so important in creating a healthy soil

Scarifying Service

Scarifying is a very beneficial exercise and rather than being treated as a remedial maintenance job every one to two years the enthusiast usually makes this a regular job. During the course of a season thatch and lateral growth builds up restricting light and air getting through to the soil. As this thatch layer builds it encourages moss and weeds to take over leading to a downward spiral. The scarifier is in effect a vertical mower with knife blades spaced out along a reel – much like a cylinder on a mower – these blades can be set at different heights and used in slightly different fashions. Scarifying will stimulate both root and leaf blade growth.

RESCUE: A sprayed on treatment that removes crab grass leaving the lawn with only one species of grass. May require some re-seeding.

THORS HAMMER: A powerful weed killer for paths, driveways and rough areas, product kills surface weeds and also neutralises weed seeds in the soil for up to 6 months